Wireless Property Listings does all the heavy Lifting

Wireless Property Listings

As the property owner, all you need to do is enter your information. After we know about your property, we go to work for you. The best part is that once we land the deal, there’s nothing that you need to do. This is 100% completely passive income. WPL (Wireless Property Listings) does all the heavy lifting. All you need to do is cash the checks and the money is yours to do whatever you want with it.

With cellular use so widespread these days, the wireless carriers are constantly upgrading the wireless networks. This means they are always on the lookout for new towers to put up to increase their coverage maps. If you’ve ever seen a television commercial for cellular companies, you know they love to show their impressive coverage maps. To get that good coverage, they need property owners like you.

In the past you may have had to be approached by a wireless company or someone else to be able to get in on this lucrative type of agreement, but these days WPL is helping people all over the country set-up passive income streams by simply letting wireless companies put up towers on their land. We make it simple and easy. All you need to do is enter your address, and we handle the rest.

You’ll get a chance to approve or deny the deal, of course, but we have a good track record of helping landowners make a little extra money each month. This is 100% passive income that requires NO WORK on your part. We get the deal done, and you sit back and enjoy the monthly revenue for having the cell tower on your land or commercial building.

The best way to find out more is to give us a call. We can answer your questions and make sure we explain the process so that you completely understand. Then, once we have your permission, we will work to find a cell company that wants to put up a new tower in your area. We also deal with all the negotiations. There is absolutely no work on your part beyond contacting us.