Understanding Church Cell Tower Leases

Church Cell Tower Leases

If you’re a member of a church and would like to bring extra money in month after month, you can with a cell tower lease. Having a residual source of passive income is a wonderful way to help a church pay its bills as well as help other people. We’re going to go over some of the things you want to keep in mind before you start negotiating for a final price – and why you should let Wireless Property Listings help you get more for church with a “church cell tower leases”.

Negotiating for Church Cell Tower Leases

Here’s a rundown of some of the major things you want to think about before you try to negotiate a cell tower lease for land your church owns.

Bargaining – You need to be able to bargain hard if you want to get a fair price for your land. This can take some skills, even if you understand cellular technology and how wireless companies work.

Monthly Rent – To make sure you’re getting a fair amount, you’re going to need to know how cellular tower lease rates are determined. A lot of it has to do with location, but other factors play a part as well.

Taxes – Paying taxes on the income that comes in from leasing the land is something you want to consider from the get go. The sooner you start thinking about paying taxes on the revenue the better.

Types of Towers – If you’re worried about how the cell tower is going to look on your land, you should know that there are ways to camouflage them so that they don’t stick out as much on your land.

Good Neighbors – Speaking of being an eyesore, you’ll want to make sure you’re good neighbors with anyone who is living or working around church property, so check with them before you sign a deal.

Use of the Property – Be sure you’re well aware of what any contract says about use of church property in the future once the cell tower is up and operational. For example, will the church be forbidden from expanding their building if necessary?

Mortgage – Is the church mortgaged? If so, you may have to ask the person who owns the property and is leasing it to the church. The cell companies should pay the legal fees necessary to change the agreement if needed.

Insurance – Will the church be held liable if there is damage to the cell tower or something else happens? This is something that should be written out in a contract so there are no misunderstandings by either party in the deal.

Legal Reviews and Fees– Before your church signs anything, you’re going to need legal assistance to make sure everything is correct and okay to sign. This can take ten to twenty hours or more, which can be costly.

And if your church already has a cell tower lease, you might be approached with buyout offers. While they might seem lucrative at first, you really need to weigh all of the pros and cons and get professional advice before you make a decision. This is where Wireless Property Listings can help.

Why to Let Wireless Property Listings Help

As you can see from the partial list above, there’s quite a bit you need to think and worry about to ensure you’re getting a fair deal for your land. The good news is that we can help. Here’s a look at just a few of the reasons you should let us help you get a cell tower lease on your church property no matter where you live in the country.

Experience – We have over five years of experience working with cell tower leases. This has enabled us to learn who needs to be contacted as well as how to talk to them to get the best deal possible.

Negotiating – Over the years, we have become experts at negotiating with the large cellular companies. We have the contacts and know how to get you a better deal. Just a few percentage points per month over a twenty year lease really adds up quickly!

Professional – Our entire team is professional and focused on making sure you understand everything during every step of the process. When we are done with the negotiations, we bring the deal to you for your land.

Want to know more? All you need to do is contact us today. We’re standing by to answer all of your questions about any step of the process, including how much money you might be able to make for your church on a monthly basis. With a ten, twenty or even thirty year lease possible, this could be a revenue stream for the church for a long time to come. The time to act is now. Give us a call today.