Old Pioneertown Site Details

Address: 53745 Pioneertown Rd. Pioneertown Ca. 92268
Property Type: Land
Structure Height: not specified Elevation:
Latitude: 34.152703 Longitude: -116.491557

About Old Pioneertown

DESCRIPTION: The property is rural with flatlands and very High Mountains. It is in the High Desert and in the Regional area of Yucca Valley. It is has been identified by RF radio frequency engineers, as an ideal location for a tower. At "Open Signal Maps" it is all in the red indicating a high demand for a tower with heavy dead spots and signal drop outs. Between my Brother and I we own almost 8 miles in the same area and this entire area needs a tower for better reception, especially cell phones. The population is growing extremely fast in Yucca Valley and Pioneertown. We have had Verizon, At&t,Telecom, and Independents approach us with offers to put a tower on our land. We have a contract now that we are reviewing now but we wanted to see if we could possible go direct with these contracts and companies or find someone to represent us that can negotiate a better one leasing contract. Hoping you can possible take a look a our property before we sign the contract. I know these things take time but if you would kindly have someone call us soon to check out our property for consideration it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You So Much! Cleonice Ristaino 818-641-0833 PROPERTY LOCATION: 53745 Pioneertown Rd. Pioneertown Ca. 92268

Property Owner Info

Owner Name: Available on request Owner Phone: Available on request

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