How to Get the Best Cellular Tower Lease Rates

Cellular Tower Lease Rates

While there’s a very good chance you’ve heard from someone that you can make money by leasing your land or building roof-top for a cell towers, it’s important to know how to get the best cellular tower lease rates. At Wireless Property Listings, this is a big priority for us because the more money we get for you, the more money we make with our percentage of the deal.

In this article, we’re going to go over some of the things you want to think about carefully before you sign any agreement to lease your land for a cellular tower. The more you know, the better deal you’re going to be able to get. And with many leases lasting 10, 20 or even 40 years, even just a little more money per month really adds up.

Tips for Getting the Highest Cell Tower Lease Rates

Here is a quick rundown of the major things you want to consider when you’re thinking about leasing your land to a cellular company.

Consider the Cellular Company – What is their main goal? It’s not filling your pockets. They want to pay the least amount possible for their cell phone towers. While they may sound nice and friendly on the phone, their main concern is to get your land for as cheap as possible.

Think in the Long Term You may be excited to get an extra $400 per month, but step back and think about it for a moment. If you can get $450/month, over the course of ten, twenty or even forty years, you’re going to make quite a bit more money. And if you can get $600/month or more, you’re talking about even more.

Have a Professional On Your Team – One of the best ways for you to deal with the cellular companies when negotiating for a long term lease for a cell tower is not to talk to them at all! Instead, let us do all the heavy lifting. We know how to negotiate with the cellular companies and can get you the best rate possible.

Use Our Experience – Because WPL has dealt with all the major wireless carriers in the past, we have experience in how they work. This has led to us becoming experts in the art of negotiating with them. We can typically get you 50% or more for your land or building roof top. This is why our fee – based on a percentage – is worth it. You’re still going to get more money when you let us do the negotiating.

Don’t Take the First Offer – One of the ways we make sure we get the highest monthly lease rate for your land is that we don’t simply take the cellular company’s first offer. We know they will typically begin on the low-end of what your land is really worth. We keep negotiating with them until we get the best terms for YOU.

Stick to Your Guns – Another way we get the most for you is by not giving up early in the negotiations. By buckling too soon, you can end up getting a lot less per month than you would if you’d held out a little longer. We are experts at negotiating the best deal for your land, and we stick to our guns to get you the highest amount of money.

As you can see from the list above, there are a lot of ways you can get more for leasing your land to a wireless company. Next, we’re going to talk about what we recommend.

Cell Tower Leasing Experts

At the end of the day, you want to get the most for your land with the least amount of work. We understand that completely. When you sign an agreement with Wireless Property Listings, we are going to work to get the most money for the cell tower on your land. Our track record speaks for itself.

We are experts at cell tower leasing, and we can negotiate the best terms for 10, 20, or even 40 years. If you want to know more, contact us or sign-up today. When you sign-up online (for free), you can get started right away. The sooner we have your information and a signed agreement, the sooner we can start working for you.

The cellular companies want your land, but they want to pay the least amount possible. While you can try to negotiate with them on your own, this isn’t recommended at all. They’ve dealt with thousands of people across the country, and they know the buttons to push to get the best deal for themselves.

At WPL, we work to get the highest amount of money for your cell tower lease. Give us a call or sign-up today and get started. There’s nothing sweeter than getting money from the cellular companies on a monthly basis. Year after year, the amount of money you make from leasing your land can really add up over time.