Cellular Tower Demand – Demand Drives Deployment

Cellular Tower Demand

When talking about cell towers, there is one basic thing you need to understand – demand drives deployment. In other words, Cellular Tower Demand is directly connected to consumer demand. If you can grasp this simple concept and you own land, you stand to make a good deal of money month after month for ten, twenty or even forty years. By leasing your land for a cellular tower, you can make quite a bit of income by doing zero work on your part.

All you have to do is take a look at the demand. From consumers to business owners to first responders and others, there is a huge demand for more and more wireless services. Why? Because all of these groups benefit from high-speed wireless data transfer. The problem is that it’s become too popular and a lot of people are on the networks.

This is what is behind the current push by wireless companies to expand their networks with more and more cell towers. We’ll be talking about the different types of cell towers that are available, but for now we want you to take a moment and think about the growing demand for wireless services throughout the country.

As a landowner, you are in a very good position to take advantage of the situation. The best part is that it’s totally legal. The cellular companies need space to put up towers, so they typically rent land from people around the country. Wouldn’t you like to be one of the people they’re giving money to month after month?

The time to jump on the bandwagon is NOW, before it’s your neighbor, or someone down the road is getting a the monthly check from the wireless companies instead of you. All you need to do is sign-up with us, sign a simple agreement electronically, and we will go to work for you. We typically can negotiate deals that are 40% to 60% higher than what you would get on your own.

Benefits of Cell Towers

Before we go further into how you can make money on the cellular situation in this country, let’s quickly go over some of the biggest benefits of cell towers so that you’re convinced they’re going to continue to be big business for years to come.

Local Economic Growth – Wireless capability will not only help local business grow, it can help stabilize the economy locally. In the modern world, this has many long reaching benefits attached to it. Time and time again, better wireless coverage has led to more economic growth in communities across the country.

All About Competition – When you look back through American history, it’s easy to see that competition is what breeds innovation. With wireless companies improving their technology and offering competition to land based communication – like cable and fiber optics – this is good for consumers and business owners.

First Responders / Safety – This has been mentioned before and will be mentioned again, but it really can’t be stated enough. With more and more people using wireless communication and large video files being transferred is common, more cellular towers help ensure that first responders like Fire, Police and EMT workers are able to communicate when it matters most.

Modern Cell Tower Design – With modern cellular towers, you’re not always stuck with an ugly metal tower. Whether it’s a cell tower disguised as a boulder, palm tree or fir tree, there are many different styles of wireless towers these days. This is a benefit to the local landscape. When cell towers are hidden, they’re useful without being an eyesore. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

The list of benefits goes on and on, but here’s the takeaway that you need to step back and think about carefully – the demand for wireless services is growing all the time. Over the last decade, the number of people using wireless communications has increased tremendously. This is going to continue for another ten to twenty years at least.

Do You Want Extra Money Monthly With No Work?

With all those new people using wireless for the first time, the networks are going to have to expand to keep up. And that means the cell companies need to put up more towers. To do that, they need people like YOU. Yes, you. As mentioned, your neighbor may already be talking to a wireless company about leasing land for them to build a tower.

And if you’re worried about it being ugly or unsafe, you don’t need to be. We’re going to be talking more about the various types of wireless cell towers, like ones that look like rocks or trees, but for now the big thing is to take action before it’s too late. If your neighbor gets the deal, they’re going to be enjoying the monthly income for the next ten or twenty years.

Find a Cellular Tower Leasing Opportunity for YOU

If you act now, Wireless Property Listings can help you. All you need to do is sign-up for a free account and electronically sign an agreement that gives us a percentage of any money we get for a cell tower lease on your land. Have questions? Give us a call. Just remember that while you’re hesitating, we’re helping other people get money for a cell tower on their land.

Even if you’re not interested in making money, think about helping local first responders. It just might be that the cell tower up on your land is what makes it possible for them to do their job better and save a life. Perhaps that’s a little far fetched, but the truth is that fire, police and EMT personnel constantly need wireless communication to do their job correctly.

Being a landowner comes with many responsibilities, but leasing land for a cellular tower is a way you can help your local community and make money at the same time. And if you count out the hundreds per month year after year for ten, twenty, or even forty years, you’ll see that it’s quite a lot of money we’re talking about.

The best thing to do is sign-up today and get started right away. Contact us if you have any questions. Your land may be a lot more valuable than you think. And we do all the hard work for you. At Wireless Property Listings, we negotiate with the wireless companies to get you the most money possible. We don’t get paid unless we sign you a deal.